Katelyn is a highly adaptable workforce development professional and writer with over a decade of experience across talent acquisition, program management, and communications. Her expertise in building relationships, generating content ideas, and catalyzing community partnerships positions her as a trusted partner to executives looking to grow their LinkedIn presence.

Katelyn excels at streamlining talent brand across mediums, developing media relationships to position individuals as thought leaders, and elevating overall LinkedIn presence. Connecting people based on shared interests is her superpower. Katelyn brings deep community ties and a wide network to all of her work.

Based in Phoenix, Katelyn spends her time floating down Arizona's rivers, renovating old homes (currently converting a shabby 4-unit motel into apartments in Globe), and outings with her two little ones. She's a fan of haikus, pedestrianism, and encouraging civic engagement.

Katelyn Harris Lange



Employer Branding

Led an employer branding campaign for a Fortune 500 company, resulting in a 15% increase in candidate applications and a 10% increase in employee referrals.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Developed and implemented a comprehensive talent sourcing strategy for a unicorn in the HR tech space, resulting in a 40% response rate from qualified, passive candidates and a 20% decrease in time-to-fill.

Communications & Storytelling

Upleveled C-Suite use of LinkedIn for a B2B SaaS company, resulting in 5 executives enabling Creator Mode and 50 new CHRO connections made for the CEO in 30 days.

Community Partnerships

Established strategic partnerships with local organizations to enhance community outreach and improve employer brand perception.

person holding purple and pink box
person holding purple and pink box

Optimized the talent sourcing process by streamlining workflows and leveraging prior applicants, resulting in a 50% reduction in time-to-hire for a Director-level Sales Enablement role.

Recruitment Process Optimization

Let's Connect

Katelyn is available for group LinkedIn workshops and donates her time to help busy executives and professionals up-level their LinkedIn presence. She's delivered her Leveraging LinkedIn workshop to the Greater Phoenix Urban League Young Professionals and to Arizona State University students through the YPCoNext Mentorship Program.

As a frequent contributor to The Arizona Informant, Katelyn accepts content requests related to Black community news in Arizona.

Katelyn's work is featured in RecruitingDaily, Jopwell's The Well, and The Arizona Informant.


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